Our Channel began life aimed at pupils. The idea was, and still is, to have the tune played according to the individual pupils musical score. This meant that the pupil hears the tune played exactly the way they want to learn it. That’s why you’ll see that a lot of the tunes are titled “for”. We provide this service free of charge.

We appreciate that music reading isn’t everyones strong point, and if a pupil needs reminded of the tune, or simply wants to play along, they can go to our you tube channel. Simply punching the tune name into a google search is fraught with danger, as the samples which come up are frequently different from the version being learned. Some are just not good examples at all!

We ended up putting on recordings from competitions and various performances. Its mainly free, and open to the public. Anyone can use it. Please remember that the free content is not a “lesson” as such, purely an aid to learning. Any recorded lessons are contained within the paid content section.

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