Wow, what a roaster it’s been! Scotland has basked in high temperatures for the last few weeks, and it looks set to continue. We’d like to draw your attention to this year’s Tryst Festival, which is having to be held entirely online due to Covid restrictions. However, it is sure to be varied and entertaining as ever.

We make a couple of appearances – the first is in an evening of music and dance held by the Falkirk Twinning Association, so there will be contributions from Odenwald in Germany and Creteil in France, as well as Falkirk. Look out for Neil and Kathryn performing Freedom Come All Ye, which we chose as the theme is based on friendship and inclusivity. Our Glenbervie Folk Duo contribution will be shown on Wed 28th July at 8pm and is a compilation video of recordings from various places. This will be repeated on Thu 29th at 2pm. The link to the programme and information on the artists can be found here:

We really appreciate all the hard work which Falkirk Arts Network has put into this, especially Doug Smith and Jamie O’Rourke.

Neil had a lovely day on Arran recently, playing for a Primal Adventures event. It was his first time on the island but he hopes it won’t be the last! He also has a couple of weddings to play at, but no other gigs on the horizon. Teaching continues to be busy. Stay safe and well and hopefully we’ll get out to do some performances in the near future!